Although we have bought 4 board games and 4 extension in Essen at Die Spiel 2016, we also want to talk about the top 5 games of Die Spiel 2016. And yes, they differ from the games we have bought — but that’s a different topic 😉

  • best mechanic:
  • luck based game:

Best card game

Aeons End – card – driven game

Best new mechanic

As for this category I would nominee Ave Roma as the one game that had the newest mechanic, within the games we played at Die Spiel and shortly afterwards.

Best two-player board game

Best cooperative board game

Captain Sonar

  • Vanuatu 1.25  – role selection
  • Terraforming Mars 2 -card driven +  engine building games – you get rid of crads and get new abilities
  • Captain Sonar: coop: team vs. team 2
  • Adrenaline: 1.75 – best first-person shooter as a board game
  • London Dread: coop: cooperative 2 combination of clock/hour based movements
  • Kanagawa 1.25 -set collection – best in-between game
  • Scythe 2 – game with the most and coolest components
  • Great Western Trail 1.5 – new mechanic: the board is changing because of the buildings you are building during the game (only the once with buildings are being counted)
  • Aeons End 2 – coop + card driven: mech: how to decide on who is the next player – random turn order, you can decide on yourself how you put your discard pile together
  • Guilds of London 2 –
  • Via Nebula 1.5 – —
  • Ave Roma 1.5 – all workers can being used by all players …
  • Colonist 1.75 —-

Best Strategic Board Game

And the winner is … Scythe designed by Jamey Stegmaier and published by Stonemaier Games.

Scythe is in my opinion the best strategic board game of Die Spiel 2016 in Essen because of its combination of strategy and worker/mech placement. Depending on the mechs you build first you are limited to the actions you make take during your next turn. And this makes this game at the top of the highly strategic board games. Every player starts with different resources, which makes each of the players special.

In addition to the great mechanic the board itself as well as the components are amazingly beautiful and thought through. Each player has his own unique set of components, which differ not only in colour but also in design.

The one thing that I like about Scythe is that it’s one of those games, where you would really like to have more actions to take, because you definitely can’t decide on which you would benefit from the most.

Most aggressive board game

vanuatuAlthough it definitely doesn’t like the most aggressive board game, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of Vanuatu to break up friendship, couples or even family!

The game itself looks more like a children’s game because of all the colourful components and the beautifully crafted board. BUT be aware of playing this game with sensitive people who don’t grab the phrase “winning is not everything”.

The thing is that the game itself is not from the base bad blood. But if you really want to win or at least have a chance of doing something, you sometimes, or more or less all the time have to play against other players. And by that I mean destroy their plans totally, so that they are not able to do anything useful during the current round. But believe me, that same will happen when it’s your turn and you have everything planned out perfectly. One wrong turn, one bad move, one overthought plan and everything goes totally not the way you have planned it.