The first day of Die Spiel 2016 — Day #1 was amazing but really exhausting. Normally the first day is the least crowded day of the whole “Die Spiel” but this year it seemed to be even more crowded than a typical Saturday from previous years.

Our Agenda

Here is how our day looked like:

  • we woke up at 4 a.m.
  • got picked up at 5 a.m.
  • boarded the plane at 6 a.m.
  • landed in Düsseldorf at 8 a.m.-ish
  • got picked up after the landing at the airport and
  • got dropped off at Die Messe in Essen at sharp 9:15 a.m.!
  • 9.15 a.m. – 7 p.m. we played, we won, we lost and had a lot of fun
  • 8 p.m. back at the hotel
  • created the YouTube video “Top 3 picks of Day #1 at Die Spiel 2016”
  • dreamed of dragons, monsters, railroads and saving the world

High above — Die Spiel 2016 — Day #1

9 Games on the 1st Day of Die Spiel 2016

We managed to play 9 games on our first day at “Die Spiel”. Here is the list of those games:

  1. Great Western Trail
    Designer: Alexander Pfister
    Publisher: eggertspiele, 999 Games, Pegasus Spiele, Stronghold Games
    Players: 2-4
  2. Jórvík
    Designer: Stefan Feld
    Publisher: eggertspiele, Pegasus Spiele, Stronghold Games, edizioni
    Players: 2-4
  3. Diamant
    Designer: Bruno Faidutti, Alan R. Moon
    Publisher: Devir, IELLO,, Schmidt Spiele
    Players: 3-8
  4. The Oracle of Delphi:
    Designer: Stefan Feld
    Publisher: Fullcap Games, Hall Games, LudoSentinel, Pegasus Spiele, Tasty Minstrel Games
    Players: 2-4
  5. Sherlock 13
    Designer: Hope S. Hwang
    Publisher: BoardM Factory, Broadway Toys LTD, Magpie (Korean Co)
    Players: 2-4
  6. Oceanos
    Designer: Antoine Bauza
    Publisher: Devir, IELLO, edizioni
    Players: 2-5
  7. Sea of Clouds
    Designer: Théo Rivière
    Publisher: IELLO, edizioni
    Players: 2-4
  8. Cry Havoc
    Designer: Grant Rodiek, Michał Oracz, Michał Walczak
    Publisher: Portal Games
    Players: 2-4
  9. 51st State
    Designer: Ignacy Trzewiczek
    Publisher: Portal Games, IELLO, Toy Vault, Inc.
    Players: 2-4

So lets talk about Gerwin’s and my top 3 picks of the first day in Essen at Die Spiel 2016.

Kasia’s Top 3 Games at Die Spiel 2016 — Day #1

I’ll start with my picks in descending order.

Day #1 — Game #3

One of my favourite games of the first day in Essen was Diamant.

DiamantIt is a 3-8 player game and a what I like to call in-between game. Which basically means that you can even play it in between two other games. Or if somebody has to check his e-mails or go with the dogs for a walk, you can easily squeeze it in. Or especially when the evening is almost over and you still don’t really want to go home but also don’t want to start the next 2 hours game, you can manage to play a round of Diamant. You could easily compare it with Celestia.

Day #1 — Game #2

My second favourite game of the first day in Essen was Sea of Clouds.

Sea of CloudsIt is a 2-4 player game with a play time of around 45 min per game. You are the captain of a pirate ship and each round you are gathering shares of Loot and also send your pirates to plunder the treasures of other ships.

What I liked most about this game is that it’s a fun and quick game with an amazingly beautiful design.

Day #1 — Game #1

My top pick of the first day in Essen was Great Western Trail.

Great Western TrailIt is a 2-4 player game where you have to herd your cattle from Texas to Kansas City trying to make as much money as possible. It is a fun theme and somehow a “newish” design and mechanic. And that’s the part that I liked most about this game.

Gerwin’s Top 3 Games at Die Spiel 2016 — Day #1

Beneath you can find Gerwins top 3 games of the first day in Essen.

Day #1 — Game #3

Sea of CloudsGerwins 3rd place goes to Sea of Clouds — a really neat, quick game.

It was my #2 so you can find the short description of the game above. Still a game that is on both our top 3 games of a day list is probably one that we will end up buying.

Day #1 — Game #2

On the 2nd place of Gerwins list is 51st State.

It is a 2-4 player game with mechanics  51st Statesimilar to Imperial Settlers but with a more interaction. It’s based in an dark post-apocalyptic setting where you try to build the most effective  economic engine with your faction.

For me personally it was too close to Imperial Settlers with a not so appealing theme.

Day #1 — Game #1

Great Western TrailGerwins top pick of the day was also Great Western Trail.
The think he liked most was the innovative tile laying mechanic that changes the possible routes you can take.

At least one thing that we are agreeing on 😉

Games Gallery

Top Rules Explanation

Because we are having a hard time schedule during those four days and we only want to test-play as many games as possible, one of the really important things is, to grab the rules as quick as possible. And that for a really good rules explanation is essential. That’s why we have our goodie-bag for rules explainers with us. Each guy or girl who is able to explain the rules really quick and can also teleport us into the game theme gets Mannerschnitten as a small thank you. We know that it is really exhausting to have to explain the same rules to thousands of people on four days in a row. That’s exactly why we think that those people deserve some recognition.

So here are the 3 best rules-explainers of the day:

  • David — Iello — Diamant
  • Frederico  — Stronghold Games— Jórvík
  • Alexis — Iello — Sea of Clouds

At the end of a day at Die Spiel you can only hope that you will dream of gathering resources, fighting villains and surviving on foreign planets.

Good night and see you around.

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