As you probably already know, especially when you are interested in board games, there is one of the biggest board game conventions in this universe that takes place in the small town called Essen, in Germany. “Die Spiel” is an enormous 4-day event where board game geeks and all who want to become one are more than welcome to spend their time trying out the newly published games of that year.

In the year 2015 there have been over 800 new games. And yes, that’s a lot and pretty much not doable in 4 days. But although we weren’t able to play even a small amount of all these games, we managed to play at least around 5% of them. Which btw. broke our record from the previous year.

47 games in 4 days

What?! You probably ask yourself how did we manage to play even those 47 games.

The answer is no big secret: we are “only” test-playing the games. That means that we hardly ever finish a game. We ask the amazing staff at the game publishers booths to explain the rules to us, we play 2-4 rounds and then move on to the next adventure. This basically means that we need probably an average 30-50 min per game.

And that’s the secret of how to play 47 games in only 35 h of gaming time.

If you want to know which games we managed to play, prepare yourself and grab some milk and cookies, because the list is looooong.

“Die Spiel” 2015 — Day 1

The first day of “Die Spiel” is always really exhausting and here is the reason why:

  • getting up at 3:30 a.m.
  • packing all the stuff and once again checking the weather
  • being ready for cab pick-up at 5 a.m.
  • boarding the plane at 6:20 a.m.
  • pick-up from Düsseldorf airport at 8 a.m.
  • ETA at the convention center at approximately 9 a.m.
  • playing at least 10 games in 9 hours
  • grabbing something to eat at 7 p.m.

The part that will interest you the most is probably the part between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., so let’s talk board games.

In the list below you can find all the board games we played on Day #1 at “Die Spiel 2015” in Essen, linked to the corresponding BoardGameGeek site. Next to the board game you’ll find the score that we — Ania, Tom, Gerwin and I — rated the games with. And btw. the lower the score the better the game:

So 12 games on the first day — that’s not too bad 😉

The winner of Day #1 at “Die Spiel” 2015 was Marco Polo.

“Die Spiel” 2015 — Day #2

The second day was definitely more fun, especially after the first very exhausting one. So long story short — here comes the list of the games we managed to play on the 2nd day:

13 board games we tested on the 2nd day. That’s definitely not bad!

The winners of Day #2 at “Die Spiel” 2015 was Mysterium & CS Files, both with a score of 1,25.

“Die Spiel” 2015 — Day #3

The 3rd day is always getting really crowded. A lot of families with their children come to play and you have the feeling that it can’t get even worse. But it can. You should time your toilette breaks really carefully, because you will stand in line for at least 15 min — well at least when you’re a “lady” 😉

So without further instructions, here is the list of all the games from the 3rd, very exhausting day of “Die Spiel” 2015:

11 games in total on the 3rd day of Essen. I think we are getting a little bit tired 😉

The winner of Day #3 at “Die Spiel 2015” was Orléans & Time Stories, both with a score of 1,25.

“Die Spiel” 2015 — Day #4

The convention ends with the 4th day and 11 played board games. Well let’s say 10, because we didn’t really play Trickerion — just got a short explanation.

Here’s the list of all played games on the last day of “Die Spiel 2015”:

The winner of Day #4 at “Die Spiel 2015” was Viticulture Essential Edition with a score of 1,5.

Top 5 Games of “Die Spiel” 2015

Out of those four days and the scoring of four people, here are the top 5 games of “Die Spiel” 2015:

My personal voting after having played those games several times would be the following:

  • Marco Polo
  • Viticulture Essential Edition
  • Time Stories

“Die Spiel” — Best Games 2015

“Die Spiel 2016”

Die Spiel 2016 is coming up and we are going to Essen for four days with almost empty luggage, conquering as much villains and monsters as possible and returning home with our luggage full of great new board games.

Curious what will happen this year in Essen? Check out our YouTube Channel for news and our daily reviews of the top 3 games of each day at “Die Spiel 2016” in Essen.

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